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AI Assistant

Easy and accurate trading with AI Assistant

AI Assistant can scan millions of data points and automatically find the best signals for you.

Avoid tedious analysis and let our next generation AI do it for you. You don't have to figure out which indicator to use and how to use AI-powered price predictions and other social indicators. Use AI Assistant to save time and get ahead of the market.

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AI Assistant

Related Questions:

Is AI Assistant a bot?

AI Assistant isn't a bot, but our bots receive signals from it for automated trading. AI Assistant provides traders with profitable signals, as well as risk parameters such as stop loss and take profit.

How does AI Assistant generate signals?

It achieves this by utilizing a combination of data sources, including AI predictions, technical indicators, on-chain data, social media, and more.

What is the easiest way to get buy/sell signals?

Utilize the AI Assistant tools available on our platform. Without AI Assistant, you would need to analyze various data sources to identify profitable signals, which can be time-consuming and requires considerable effort.

AI Bot

Create and backtest your ideal bot, automate trades with profitable results

Craft your smart bot tailored to your risk appetite and rest assured it tirelessly works for you, day and night.

Empower your trading with AI bots for faster, consistent, and superior outcomes.

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AI Assistant

Related Questions:

How do AI bots differ from AI assistants?

Bots use insights from the AI Assistant, like signals, risk parameters such as stop loss and take profit, to trade automatically.

How do I determine the optimal parameters to make my bot profitable?

We've extensively tested various parameters, evaluating bot performance. You can leverage different parameter categories to tailor your bot for profitability. For more info, see Bot tutorial

AI Active Portfolio

Let AI keep an eye on and fine-tune your portfolio.

Use our cutting-edge AI to review performance and adjust your trades to the changing market condition.

Assess your portfolio’s performance and create smarter bots for your future trades.

Portfolio Management

Related Questions:

What does AI Active Portfolio do?

Yes, you can. Imagine you have created a portfolio consisting of various crypto assets. By adding these assets to your portfolio, the AI Active Portfolio can easily monitor their performance and provide timely alerts. It also rebalances your portfolio based on AI signals when your portfolio drops below a certain percentage set by you.

Can I get real-time portfolio performance alerts?

Yes, you can. Our AI engine monitors your portfolio and alerts you of any changes day and night so you know exactly when and why your performance is changing.

Smart Alert System

Trade the right currency at the right time

With our integrated alert system, you can stay informed and make the best decisions without spending time watching the markets 24/7.

Set up your risk parameters that trigger automated alerts on your portfolios, allowing you to stay up to date and on top of the market at all times.

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Smart Alert System

Related Questions:

How does the alert system work?

The alert system in CryptoCrispy operates by notifying users about signals and price movements. These trade alerts can be customized to align with your individual risk appetite and are delivered conveniently through email.

Trade Simulator

Trade Simulator

Find the perfect bot, backtest and become a pro

Trade Simulator offers both paper trading and backtesting. Test and refine strategies risk-free and backtest AI prediction models and bots on historical data to get the confidence you need before investing.

Use our intelligent algorithms to optimise your trading results and find the optimal balance of risk vs. reward.

Related Questions:

What does Trade Simulator do?

The Trade Simulator is a powerful tool that enables investors to practice their trading strategies in a simulated market environment using virtual money. It offers two modes: paper trading and backtesting. The Trade Simulator provides a risk-free space for investors to gain experience and fine-tune their trading skills before entering the live market.

What is the difference between paper trading and backtesting on your platform?

Our Paper trading allows investors to practice trading strategies using virtual money in a simulated market environment, while backtesting enables investors/bots to analyze the performance of their strategies based on historical market data.
Furthermore, paper trading is particularly useful for manual traders but backtesting can be used by both manual traders and bots

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