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Simple, Powerful Platform

Tailored for everyday crypto traders

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    Super Accurate
    AI Signals

    Explore our AI Assistant for price predictions, trading signals with confidence levels, and tailor them to your risk tolerance.

  • faster ai bot trading
    Faster AI
    Bot Trading

    Our trading bots work seamlessly with the AI Assistant to execute trades fully automatically, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

  • risk management
    Perfect Risk

    Our AI engine ensures precise and data-driven risk management, including parameters like stop loss and take profit for optimal control.

  • alert system
    Smart Alert

    Stay informed with our real-time smart alerts, get instant notifications for portfolio drops, and make timely decisions via email.

  • ai portfolio
    AI Active

    AI Active Portfolio optimizes, alerts, and diversifies, aligning with your risk tolerance for smart, hands-free portfolio management.

  • trade simulator

    Trade Simulator empowers you to perfect your trading approach, test strategies using historical data, and trade with virtual money using real-time data.

  • bot performance

    Create a better bot by tuning parameters for maximum results, evaluate bot performance with our backtesting tools, copy successful bots for profitable trading.

  • exchange integration
    Easy Exchange

    Connect instantly with API keys, integration with over 100 leading exchanges, use our free terminal to navigate all your exchange accounts with ease.

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Why Us?

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    Highly Accurate Signals

    Comprehensive accuracy assessment with over 70% accuracy powered by next-gen AI and Big Data. Examples include trading signals, risk parameters, AI predictions, and more.

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    AI Active Portfolio

    Our smart tools manage your portfolio with ease, rebalancing intelligently, sending alerts, and ensuring strategic diversification tailored to your risk tolerance.

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    Fully Automated

    With our smart tools, you're always in control. You can automate your trades through AI bots with peace of mind as your portfolio grows, or you can trade with a single mouse click using direct AI signals.

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    Simplify crypto trading with our user-friendly interface, saving time and effort navigating exchanges. Our easy-to-use design is perfect for users new to trading and crypto.


Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

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    signup Sign up for Free

    Our platform is free for everyone.

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    signals Connect to your exchange

    Use API keys to connect to your exchange account.

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    trade in exchange Use AI bots and signals for trading

    Use our AI engine to generate profitable signals and bots.

Manage all Your Exchange Accounts from one Interface

Connect to your exchange accounts with API keys and create your AI bot instantly.


See why industry experts love our products

  • “CryptoCrispy stands out with precision! The accuracy of AI signals was beyond our expectations.”
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    Tommy Honan

    Head of Commercial Operations, swyftx

  • “CryptoCrispy simplifies trading for everyone with its intuitive design and reliable AI bots.”
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    Mac Paramee

    Digital Assets Lead, Thailand Blockchain Association

  • “Hands down the best AI trading bot I have used.”
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    Joko Soemitro

    BD Manager,

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

No, CryptoCrispy is not a cryptocurrency exchange. It is an AI-powered platform focused on providing smart tools and bots for average crypto traders. The platform can be integrated with various cryptocurrency exchanges, offering users the ability to benefit from AI-driven trading strategies without the need to deposit funds directly into the CryptoCrispy platform.

CryptoCrispy stands out by creating intelligent AI bots designed for everyday traders. We specialize in delivering highly accurate signals using advanced AI and Big Data. Our reliable bots have undergone extensive testing, proving their profitability. We are committed to constant updates, making user experience better, adding features, and enhancing overall performance.

Our AI assistant provides signals for both short and long positions, making it suitable for both spot and futures trading. However, for integrations and bot implementations, we currently only support spot trading.

Absolutely! We provide powerful tools to quickly create your bots based on your risk preferences and other parameters. Additionally, you can backtest your bots before deploying them on the exchange. Our bots leverage super-accurate trading signals generated by next-gen AI for profitable trading.

We've extensively tested various parameters, evaluating bot performance. You can leverage different parameter categories to tailor your bot for profitability. For more info, see Tutorial

AI Assistant isn't a bot, but our bots receive signals from AI Assistant for automated trading. AI Assistant is a versatile tool providing traders with profitable signals. Additionally, it provides insights and recommendations, including risk parameters such as stop loss and take profit for every signal. Traders maintain full control over their trading activities and can execute trades on their integrated exchange using AI Assistant.

AI Assistant generates signals by utilizing a combination of data sources, including AI predictions, technical indicators, on-chain data, social media, whale analysis, and more. By integrating these diverse sources of information, AI Assistant is able to provide reliable trading signals to assist traders in making informed decisions.

Traders, investors, and businesses in the cryptocurrency can benefit from CryptoCrispy's AI tools. Our platform offers AI-powered signals and bots, backtesting and paper trading, alerts and portfolio monitoring, and performance reports for informed decision-making in the crypto market.

Yes, you can use CryptoCrispy's signals and bots for both spot and futures trading. The platform provides automated bots and AI-powered signals that can be applied to different trading strategies in both spot and futures markets.

Our AI predictions have consistently shown to generate highly profitable signals when compared to other methods. It's important to note that profitability can vary over time and across different time frames. For more detailed information, we encourage you to refer to our accuracy report, which provides insights into the performance of our AI predictions and their profitability.

Our integration with exchanges is a seamless process that allows users to import their portfolio data, trading history, and assets from various exchanges. You can connect with up to 100 different exchanges, with the top 10 exchanges being verified for added security and reliability.

Yes, with our AI Assistant, you can trade directly on your integrated exchanges. It provides a user-friendly interface for executing trades, managing your portfolio, and monitoring market conditions in real time. Whether you prefer manual or automated bot trading, AI Assistant and bots offer the flexibility you need.

The alert system in CryptoCrispy operates by notifying users about signals and price movements. These trade alerts can be customized to align with your individual risk appetite and are delivered conveniently through email.

The email alerting system operates by sending you notifications directly to your email address. These alert emails provide you with essential information, including balance tracking, details on loss-making assets, and trading signals. You have the flexibility to customize your email preferences by selecting your preferred time and frequency for the delivery of these alert notifications.

VIP signals are a premium feature that helps you identify potential market pumps and high-performing coins. While our AI Assistant focuses on top coins and rising assets, VIP signals offer an extra layer of market insight. You can access VIP signals through the alert system, and some are also published on our Telegram channel .

The easiest way to obtain buy/sell signals is by utilizing the AI Assistant tools provided on our platform. AI Assistant processes and evaluates a variety of signals and selects the most profitable ones for you. Without the AI Assistant, you would need to manually analyze various types of analytics to identify profitable signals, which can be time-consuming and require significant effort. By using the AI Assistant, you can save valuable time as it automates this process for you.

Trade Simulator is a powerful tool that enables investors to practice their trading strategies in a simulated market environment using virtual money. It offers two modes: paper trading and backtesting. Trade Simulator provides a risk-free space for investors to gain experience and fine-tune their trading skills before entering the live market.

Paper trading allows investors to practice trading strategies using virtual money in a simulated market environment, while backtesting enables investors to analyze the performance of their strategies based on historical market data.

Imagine you have created a portfolio consisting of various crypto assets. By adding these assets to your portfolio, the AI Active Portfolio can easily monitor their performance and provide timely alerts. It also rebalances your portfolio based on AI signals when your portfolio drops below a certain percentage set by you.

Absolutely! You can receive real-time alerts for your portfolio's performance. Our advanced AI engine continuously monitors your portfolio and notifies you promptly of any changes, ensuring that you are always aware of how your investments are performing. Whether it's day or night, our alert system keeps you informed about the reasons behind fluctuations in your portfolio's performance.

Key automated features include intelligent trade execution, AI-driven signal generation, risk management, and real-time alerts for informed decision-making.

You can connect with us on various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, and LinkedIn. Stay updated with our latest news, insights, and community discussions by following us on these channels.

Absolutely! Simply connect your exchange to CryptoCrispy and kickstart your AI bot trading for free.


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