How can I use the dashboard to monitor my portfolio and performance?

The dashboard is a powerful tool that allows you to view and manage your portfolio, track your performance, and access various features and settings. To learn more about how to use the dashboard effectively, please watch our demo video and other educational resources.


How does the AI assistant work, and how can it benefit me?

Our AI assistant utilizes various resources to suggest the best AI signals that match your risk appetite. To discover how it can benefit you and how to utilize it effectively, we recommend reviewing our demo video and other educational resources.


How can I integrate my exchange and manage my portfolio?

Integration is a powerful feature that allows you to connect your cryptocurrency exchange accounts to our platform. This seamless connection enables centralized management of your portfolios across various exchanges.

Once you’ve integrated your exchanges, you can unlock the full potential of our platform:
  • Portfolio Management: View and manage all your portfolios from different exchanges in one place.
  • Balance Tracking: Link your exchange portfolio to our virtual portfolios for efficient balance tracking.
  • Trade History: Access a detailed record of all your trades across different exchanges.
  • Balance Chart: Visualize your asset progression over time with balance charts for each linked virtual portfolio.

With these features, managing your cryptocurrency investments has never been easier or more efficient. Explore the power of integration today!

How can I automate my trading with ease?

Embark on the journey of automating your trading effortlessly with our step-by-step demo. Navigate to the "Bot and Automation" section, click "Create Bot," and customize settings, including integrated exchange and virtual portfolio trading. Rate your risk tolerance, set monthly return goals, and choose a crypto allocation strategy. Select a signal source, AI assistant mode, and your preferred trading strategies. Optimize your portfolio with 3 to 5 coins for optimal results. Activate your bot, request backtests, and access detailed reports for an informed trading strategy.

List of Key Parameters:
  • Integrated Exchange and Virtual Portfolio: Choose the exchange to integrate and decide whether to trade in a virtual portfolio.
  • Risk Preferences: Rate your risk tolerance to align the bot with your risk appetite.
  • Target Returns: Set your monthly percentage return goals for your crypto portfolio.
  • Crypto Allocation: Select a preferred allocation strategy among Balanced, Bitcoin Dominant, and Altcoin Enthusiast.
  • Signal Source: Choose a signal source, such as AI Assistant, Tracked Signals, or VIP signals.
  • AI Assistant Mode: Decide on your AI assistant mode, covering all categories or specific signal types.
  • Trading Strategy Preferences: Customize your trading strategy from options like Time-based AI-assisted, Trend Following, and others.
  • Number of Coins: Optimize your portfolio by selecting 3 to 5 coins for the best results.

How can I use the alert system?

Explore our demo video and educational resources to maximize the benefits of our alert system. Use tooltips for real-time portfolio updates and timely buy/sell alerts, ensuring optimal management.

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